Just had to get these snaps of Melaka in Malaysia, hunky dory to visit if ever you get to that country..

Walk blindfold, and wherever you touch, you feel History – Come Alive.  Packs a Punch for the Present, Here and Now

Heavyweight Champ bang in the middle of Jonkers’


Jonkers Street, Wind your way into the past…..a few centuries plus or minus….

DSC00222 DSC00221

Yes, Jonker’s is a Must See…..and not far off is the Petronas Unit, that has contributed to the transformation

of the country, as much as the touch and feel of Heritage.

DSC00220 DSC00218

Innocuous but nonetheless important memorial, to Hang Tuah, the original Melaka Hero.

DSC00217 DSC00216

What centuries ago attracted the beady eye of the coloniser, now is on the luxury cruise beat

DSC00215 DSC00214 DSC00213 DSC00212

Saint Francis Xavier…passed away here in Melaka, before his physical form found a resting place in Goa, could not quite reach the sands of Europe, well East is East, and whatever may be West or Best, we know where this Noble Soul did Rest

DSC00211 DSC00210

Inside the Church. Touristy now no doubt, but close your eyes, and you can hear Mass. Yes, from the

Original Jesuit, the first of whom in the Order has got to occupy the Papal Office now.

DSC00209 DSC00208

DSC00207 DSC00206 DSC00205 DSC00202

Yes, Winston Churchill’s grandson signed in the visitor’s book here, and Whoa, I got to sign in the same book too.

DSC00201 DSC00200

Upholstery kept spic and span enough…through the centuries, where bride and groom got together for better and worse, sickness and health, you said it.  Not for nothing is it called a Living Museum

DSC00199 DSC00198 DSC00197 DSC00196

Yes, the lady is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site too

DSC00195 DSC00194 DSC00193 DSC00192 DSC00191 DSC00190

Front of the Buddhist Temple. I did not have the heart to take pictures inside, even though it was permitted.

DSC00189 DSC00188

House steeped in History, overlooking the Melaka River, that has star hotels adjacent too, well, the past provides opportunity too.

DSC00193 DSC00191

Aww,  I couldn’t finish without a final pic from Hampi in Karnataka…with a lady in burqa in the Hindu temple along with her Mian Saahib, in front of an elephant that has earned its stripes as per folklore. during Ramadhan.

Worship to the One ?

Worship to the One ?