When the Hungry took Wing – OR – When wishes were more than horses……..

Chapter 11 in the US of A, is as well-known among corporates, as any sexy tall beau lady’s legs, worldwide, holding promise of gratification, even salvation ! And this time round, as the year ’11 comes to an eventful end, it’s the one and only American Airlines that has sexily filed for it. More relevant, because, like the consular car in any given country across the globe, the filing airline also has the coveted three digit number of the most revered first-ranking country across the planet – 001, which goes for the International dialing code too.

So what the hell am I getting at ? It’s all about money, sex, power, yes, the rest of it, whatever name you would like to give it. The one and only Kingfisher Airlines, which only till the other day, acquired the “poor man’s airline”, and I reproduce the identity song  which millions of callers in India are familiar with, the greatest hit of Phil Collins, who, if you get to read that other maverick entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson‘s autobiography,  “Losing My Virginity”, by pure coincidence, drove the cab into which the Knight stepped in.

That airline, of course, as many millions who, not just figuratively, took the flight of fancy, is Air Deccan, which swore about a decade ago, would get any beggar on the street, the more indigent the better, on board for a throwaway rupee, and actually kept the word. And exited from the challenge that it did keep for the entire distance, to a liquor baron, for whom the acquisition was an extension of his business acumen, that, today, for all it’s growth, is floundering, …as some economist said, in boom lies the seeds of bust.  Sir Richard Branson should know, when before he became an airline man, ran a flourishing record label, which almost left him in Dire Straits, failing to sign on the eponymous rock band. and went into success with the airline, and even if he has his sights set on outer space, anyone who has read his autobiography can see very clearly it is ballooning that is his first and last love.

But kudos to the man behind Kingfisher. He tried what someone never did, not just exclusive to India, but worldwide, and because of his incredible attempt to straddle the divide, I am not just confident,but pray, that he will indeed succeed in the come-back, even if the brand that he stood resolutely by, had to indulge in the peccadilloes  of an amorous, even sexually provocative, angle….the Kingfisher calendar that had its precursor in the Pirelli, pictorial representations that may be inappropriate currently, when the airline is getting back on its own..well, wheels.  And while the financial and lending institutions mull over providing an extraordinary sum of over Rs 6000 crores to bail-out, an all too familiar scenario in country 001 as I wrote of at the beginning of this article, the models who went dishabille for Kingfisher earlier, may now, like in the Phil Collins song that became signature for the now defunct  Air Deccan, think twice……..

So, the King of Good Times, finds a Stairway to






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Kajal Aggarwal

Kajal Aggarwal