Whenever I hear about one of the younger with-it crowd migrate to more congenial climes, to add some feathers to their caps, and eventually flaunt the same in the countries that they take to like fish to water, meaning primarily the US of A, followed by the rest, I confess that I feel some disappointment, which is engendered by the fact that in a world which is getting flat, to borrow Thomas Friedman’s phrase, rather than being geoid, ( a word coined by Mr. JF Listing ), rotund, spherical, elliptical, oval….I would still wish to go with Mr. Sam Pitroda, who a few years ago, stated like other think-tanks, that the facility of education as we know it, is going to disappear once for all.

There are extraordinary lessons to be learnt from that conclusion, not just one of which is that the best medicare can reach the most remote of villages, to the most disadvantaged who have neither the resources nor the gumption to call for such assistance, available to them almost ( virtually ?) free of cost. This is a revolution I look forward to during my own lifetime. Red colour intended and deliberate, Che, the medical practitioner, even the damned revolutionary, would have appreciated



Over the past decades in India, among the haloed institutions of higher education, have been the IITs. A runaway spoof on it, based loosely on one of its successful alumni, author Chetan Bhagat, acquired that appellation due to his success with the written word, pulp fiction, if you would have it, ( titled Five-point Someone ), rather than any particular academic feather. And even while Chetan himself gave but a half-baked stamp of approval, a hugely successful movie was made out of it, called Three Idiots, by one of the ruling Czars of filmdom, Aamir Khan.

And this brings me to the start of this particular article, where I speak about the younger crowd migrating to more congenial climes. The movie had some extraordinary scenes where new incumbents to the sought-after institutions, have to undergo a rather unpleasant experience called “ragging”. Hero Aamir has a rather novel way of getting even with the perpetrator, and no words could do justice to that sequence, to actually seeing it on screen.

Aamir Chetan

Is this phenomenon a natural concomitant of higher education ? I ruminate, to get answers, even as I try to sustain my own livelihood with creaking bones.
Those who do migrate for higher education, physically, salivate about the warmest of welcomes that they receive, compared to their own country with a floundering phrase like “Atithi Devo Bhava”,  hosts making making it as congenial as they possibly could till they get into their academic groove.