Written: Mohaloya Amabasho, 7th October 2010, Anno Domini, Zu’lkadah 1431

My  personal story of the Sordid Sardar ain’t drawing too much attention, so looks like I have to take a diff tack. Even as if it is just one step from the sublime to ridiculous, then would it be equally true of the reverse, viz., one step only from the ridiculous to the sublime.  That, of course, is not original with me….the credit has to rightfully go to Arthur Koestler.

But right now, it’s not Koestler that I wish to expostulate upon. It’s the Lord Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, the first Englishman ( blue-blooded  or otherwise, leave it to the reader to surmise ) to actually foresee, the advent of modern-day blogging, centuries before its advent, by giving the emphatic all-encompassing verdict ” Publish, and Be Damned ”

That outburst is as indicative  a precursor as possible,  to the absolutely egalitarian platform that blogging represents, as great a leveler as death.  The veteran, pastiche-smiling, writer who has “arrived” and is toasted by the publishing fraternity, and the woebegone scribe who belongs to some fringe,  in the style of a Kilgore Trout, now share the same stage, to welcome bouquets and brickbats in equal measure, and neither beauty nor beast require an agent to display their wares. Yep, it’s all laid bare right in front of you, right away,  for your eyes to feast on, to reduce to a critical pile-heap, or raise to sky-high peak.