There is a truckers strike on, does not appear to have an end to it right now.
It reminds me of story of my Dad, which my Dad never told me. It was related by Mr. TN Mahadevan, then Director of a company called Indian Oxygen, now named British Oxygen. I met Mr. TN Mahadevan at his residence in MRC Nagar, where he heads a Pensioners Group, about four years ago.
Well, Mr Mahadevan related that in 1970 there had been a prolonged truckers strike all across India. A large critical shipment of oxygen had to reach a hospital in Ranchi, from Calcutta, and if it did not get there in time, several lives would literally asphyxiate to death.

Desperate situations  call for desperate remedies – so he got to my Dad – said my Dad was the one person who could walk in easily to each of the police stations en route, and made him specifically advise each station to get this particular lorryload of oxygen to move through without hindrance.  Which it did – and reached the hospital in Ranchi in time.

Morals of the story –  1 ) Critical transhipments ought to be logistically spared even when a strike is on, whatever may be the reason for the strike.   2) There will always be some good done by your Dad which you may have never known.