A blog that one can get on to the site and into cyberspace, a narrative brief on a guy, on how his life is unfolding, can actually metamorphose into an obituary.  I owe it to this chap to put in at least a few lines – albeit words can never do justice to life and death, but that’s all we have

This guy, office-boy, odd-job man, tea and coffee maker, what have you, was named Chandrasekhar, and joined up an up- and- coming travel agency in 1999, and his smart-alec approach to things in general, including work, got him the sobriquet “Jackie” after the popular Hong Kong based actor Jackie Chan.

Well, this Jackie, like so many  of his compatriots, made a beeline for Dubai, in November 2007, and before too long, returned, in May 2008. He returned totally a different personage. His old employers gave him every comeback platform, twice over, to no avail.  Just didn’t jell. 

Disoriented – and every which way but loose – lost his life in a train accident yesterday, gone the way of all flesh today.