Mission Statement – Meek Mild-mannered man make their merry way  !

Vision Weltanschauung !

Hi, this is Indiajones from Chennai in India

Firstly, must pay obeisance to two of the leading writers who have shaped the thoughts of yours truly to a considerable extent:

One, Arthur Koestler, born in Hungary, and died in the UK in 1983.  Wrote two tomes of his autobiography, ” Arrow in the Blue ” and ” The Invisible Writing ” , largely unread today.  His favourite saw / joke, is about two guys talking to each other, middle of the 20th century :  ” What is capitalism ? ” …” The exploitation of man by man “…..” What is communism ?”….” The reverse ”

Two, Mr. Kurt Vonnegut, of Indianapolis, who died last year, unhappily, as he had always thought he would, from the beginning.  Author of such bestsellers like Slaughterhouse Five, and Breakfast of Champions, categorized into the genre of Black Humour.  His favorite by line :   ” What is the purpose of Life ? ”   …..  ” To be the eyes, and ears, and the conscience, of the Creator of the Universe, you fool ”  …..grafitti ….